Your Probate Advocate

Servant leadership is at the heart of everything I do.

I live in Cherokee County, Georgia with my amazing husband and two wonderful teenagers. I have 15 years of financial planning experience (operations & portfolio management) and have 3 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals in my family – my husband, father, and father-in-law.

As a REALTOR®, a landlord, a scout mom / adult leader, a band mom, and as a former foster parent, I understand what it means to provide value while operating under strict parameters and timelines.

I created Holcombe Estate Solutions to provide services to families and individuals to help them prepare for and navigate tough estate transitions. I have the background, the drive, and network to be the go-to problem solver for all your real estate and probate related needs. 

Let’s talk! I want to earn the privilege of helping you or someone you know.

My Team of Trusted Service Providers

Among the various duties of settling an estate, there are decisions to be made about personal belongings: how to take inventory, what gets appraised, who will host the estate sale, how to donate what’s left, when to distribute items to heirs, and so on.

If there is a newly vacant property, you will also be responsible for taking care the home while you sort out probate.  This could mean handling the landscaping, making any urgent repairs, securing the property against squatters, and other miscellaneous tasks.

For the services that I don’t personally offer, I partner with certain professionals that I trust to tackle whatever probate/real estate related challenges you may have.

Financial Advisors – Probate Attorneys – Accountants – Insurance Agents – Senior Transition Specialists – Estate Sale Professionals – Moving Companies – Social Services Referrals – Long-Term Care Facilities – Landscaping Crew – Light Home Repairs to Full Remodel – Cash Buyers or Full Market Listing Service – Inheritance Advance Company – and Many More!  

Amber Holcombe

REALTOR®Estate Transition Specialist