Thanks for visiting me online.  If you are an attorney who has experience working with probate issues, I’d certainly like to get to know you better. Because of my focus on this segment of the market, I frequently need to make referrals to attorneys and other specialists to provide assistance and guidance to my clients in many areas. If you would like to be considered for referrals, please complete the information below, and I’ll contact you promptly to discuss your qualifications and experience. 

You may also be interested in partnering with me for assistance with administrative tasks for estate settlement or helping your clients create an Estate Snapshot in order to streamline their future executor’s duties.

IMPORTANT : If you or a client of yours has a property that is in probate and would like a no-cost, no-obligation market evaluation done to determine it’s approximate selling price, please CLICK HERE and we’ll get right to work on compiling that data and get back to you with the results.

We work well together…

My services work especially well for attorneys handling probate cases. Typically the attorney of record has one of two roles. They are either appointed to the task by the court or selected by the family or executor / personal advisor. If you’ve been court-appointed, then your role is usually focused strictly on the legal issues regarding any transactions and dispersal of assets. However, if you are retained by the family or the executor / personal representative, your role usually extends to include a more advisory capacity as well. In either case, I will at all times keep you well-informed about any aspect of the process in which I am involved – especially when it comes to fielding offers on the real estate.

In some cases, the family or executor / personal advisor will want ALL aspects of the probate to be handled completely by the attorney. In these cases, I’ll work with you as “the client” regarding the real estate and any other facet of probate, just as I would with the executor / personal advisor.

Estate Data Collection, Simplified:

You’ve probably handled creating the estate planning docs for your clients, but what about the data gathering for the non-legal aspects of a person’s life? How does all that information get passed to their executor efficiently? My estate snapshot service also helps solidify your value to your clients by making it easier on their executors down the road. This snapshot helps executors get started earlier since they don’t have to hunt for this information. You probably already know a dozen or so families that need this service right now – maybe probate is on the horizon for them or maybe their estate is complicated and putting all this together now just makes sense.

Administrative Tasks:

Your firm may not be set up to handle all the non-legal paperwork and phone calls needed to settle an estate. I work in tandem with you to get these tasks completed. You can contract with me for the work or send me to your client as a direct referral. Either way, you are providing relief for your client who is probably overwhelmed and procrastinating.

Real Estate:

I’m sure you already know that it can be tempting for your client to rush into selling the home in the estate. It’s always better to have them work with someone who understands probate and can guide them through the process with as few delays and pitfalls as possible. I have focused my efforts on working in this unique area of real estate because it just made sense to combine my background in financial planning with my experience in real estate to benefit those that may be vulnerable.

My services perfectly complement the efforts and the role of an estate attorney who truly wants the best outcome for their client. I am ready to start working with you today and ease any unnecessary burdens quickly. I’m ready to help you immediately!

Thanks again for visiting with me online!