The Estate Professional You Didn’t Know You Needed

Solutions for Estates in Transition

I am a REALTOR® specializing in probate real estate with a focus on estate planning and advocacy for local families. With 15 years of financial planning operations experience, I help families navigate estate transitions (divorce, death, & downsizing for care) with ease, confidence, and dignity.

My services are designed to make your probate experience a better one – even if there is no real estate to sell. I work hard to help families avoid common mistakes that can be costly, cause delays, or create friction between family members or heirs.

I work in tandem with probate attorneys to educate you on processes, resources, and available solutions, and together we can break through the bottlenecks of probate. I’m here to help you have a smooth estate transition. 

Executor Assistance

It all starts with a free consultation. We discuss where you are in the process and your current struggles and concerns.

You may be in the midst of settling probate and need some guidance and help getting organized. Or you may have a good grip on your responsibilities and would like some help with one particular pain point like doing an estate sale or filing the estate taxes – I’m happy to coordinate these experts for you.

Need a Referral?

Throughout my years working in financial planning and real estate, I have curated a wide selection of local professionals that I trust to take care of my clients.

Financial Advisors – Estate Sale Professionals – Landscaping Crew – Light Home Repairs to Full Remodel – Probate Attorneys – Cash Buyers – Property Management Companies – Moving Companies – Long-Term Care Facilities – Insurance Agents – Social Services Professionals – Accountants, and More!

Pre-Probate Planning

If you are concerned about your own estate not being organized or well documented, together we can create an Estate Snapshot which is used as a guide for your family in the event of your death or incapacitation.

If traditional estate planning is in order, I can introduce you to either an estate planning attorney and/or financial planner who can help you prevent estate issues BEFORE they are irreversible. I also look for red flags as part of my service to you as we are discussing your current situation and needs.

Real Estate

I help families navigate real estate transitions (divorce, death, & downsizing for care) with ease, confidence, and dignity. You may be faced with deciding to sell or rent a newly inherited home or need to divide assets to pay expenses related to your transition.

I will walk you through choosing and implementing an appropriate solution that maximizes the benefit to the estate and your family.



 Estate fact-finding, asset transfer strategy review, and executor duties review


Estate snapshot with executor tools, estate sales, home staging, marketing campaign, negotiation


Probate & property related tasks: paperwork, calls, deadlines, procedures


Referral coordination with trusted experts or housing-market related guidance



Between financial/legal advisors, real estate legal teams, buyers, multiple beneficiaries


Exposure to brokers agents and qualified buyers for your home


Probate A-Z, everything from clean out to closing


Navigating the complexities of estates in transition