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Executor Assistance

(Concierge Service Process)

Step 1: Determine the Best Plan of Action

This all starts with a free consultation. We discuss where you are in the process and your current struggles and concerns. You may be in the midst of settling probate and need a roadmap or would simply like to work with a real estate agent that specializes in probate.

Step 2: Coordinate Any Necessary Services

Together we create a roadmap of what needs to happen and when, and I give you a system to track all your tasks, transactions, and paperwork throughout the probate process. I will coordinate referrals for you from my network of local professionals that I trust to take care of my clients.

Step 3: Guide You Through Any Property-Related Decisions

You may be faced with deciding to sell, rent, or keep a newly inherited home. I will walk you through choosing and implementing an appropriate solution that maximizes the benefit to all the estate’s heirs.

Step 4: Help Executors Look After Their Own Estate

If you are concerned about your own estate not being organized or well documented, together we can create an Estate Snapshot. If needed, I can introduce you to an estate attorney and/or a financial planner who can help you prevent estate issues BEFORE they are irreversible.

Pre-Probate Planning

(Estate Snapshot)

Taking over the settlement of another person’s estate can be complex and time-consuming. Give your executor a helping hand by gathering critical information so they don’t have to hunt for it.

I work with families to put together a snapshot of a person’s estate which can be handed over to that person’s attorney, power of attorney (POA), executor, and/or financial advisor to be used when needed. Physical reports and a pre-filled online executor dashboard are provided as part of this service.

You gather the info, I put it all together!

This online dashboard through EstateExec is $200 to create an estate, but is free when I am hired to help you gather and input this information.

If you wish to create your own estate without my help, please click below for my affiliate link. It will be the same price for you, but I get a small commission. You also get a 10-day free trial.

When the time comes for your executor to begin managing your estate, they will already know to call me for support and guidance.

Charts and graphs showing overall progress and status