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Probate Solutions

I am a REALTOR® specializing in probate real estate with a focus on estate planning and advocacy for local families. I utilize my background in financial planning operations to I help families navigate estate transitions (divorce, death, & downsizing for care) with ease, confidence, and dignity.

My services are designed to make your probate experience a better one – even if there is no real estate to sell. I work hard to help families avoid common mistakes that can be costly, cause delays, or create friction between family members or heirs.

I work in tandem with probate attorneys to educate you on processes, resources, and available solutions, and together we can break through the bottlenecks of probate. I’m here to help you turn those mountains into molehills.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to some videos I recorded answering some top online questions about probate.

Amber's Videos: Probate Series

Amber answers some top searched questions about probate.

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