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There are many reasons to sell a home, and each reason has its own complexities and timeframe. I am a REALTOR® with Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage in Woodstock, GA, and I love being a problem solver for my clients.

Even traditional reasons for selling a home can be wrought with factors that are stressful, but when the cause is death, divorce, or the owner needing care in a different setting, estates in transition need to be handled very carefully.


Everyone needs a competent and compassionate advocate!

From Clean Out to Closing: Property-Related Referrals

Unfortunately, many estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance, either because the late homeowner was ill or simply could not maintain it properly for other reasons.

You can alleviate the anxiety of repairing and/or maintaining the probate property by leaving the details to my team of carefully vetted reliable home professionals to bring the home up to a marketable condition in order to be sold in a competitive market.


I have built an excellent referral network of local painters, handymen, and various other contractors that I trust to do right by my clients. 


Estate Sale: Declutter - Downsize - Donate?

Over the course of a lifetime, people accumulate a wide variety of possessions, objects, and belongings that reflect their lives.  Disposing of these possessions in a dignified, yet efficient manner is often an obstacle in bringing the estate to a final settlement.

You should also be aware that the estate can realize significant tax advantages by donating any unclaimed assets and possessions to charity, and we maintain strong personal relationships with numerous charities that would welcome these donations with open arms.

Senior transition specialists are an excellent resource in this space. I know which ones will come help you declutter and donate without the need for an estate sale or in preparation for one.


Selling a Home: As-Is Cash Offer or Maximize Profit?

Whether you wish to sell ASAP to a cash investor or wish to market the home on the open market through an agent, I am happy to help you work through what those options look like and how it will affect the estate.

Let’s talk. I work with investors who can close in as little as 2 weeks. I also have traditional buyers that are just as reliable and can close in 3-4 weeks.


Online Home Search: GAMLS/FMLS

Interested in buying a home?


You can visit my home search website at and browse all the homes for sale in the GAMLS and FMLS databases.

You’ll have the very best search tools at your fingertips!

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