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I work HARD to make estate transitions EASIER for you and your family.

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Solutions for Estates in Transition

An estate in transition is one in which the

assets of an estate need to be sold, divided, or transferred to a new owner.


Difficult life transitions like the death of a loved one, going through a divorce, or needing to sell a home to pay for long-term care can all be extra difficult to navigate. Probate real estate is our specialty.

Holcombe Estate Solutions offers additional services and assistance to help streamline estate transition tasks and to help safeguard your family from unnecessary stress - even if no real estate is involved. It's a collaborative effort: you, Amber, and the HES team of trusted network professionals. 


HES provides no legal advice or services. Our team works in tandem with your estate attorney and/or financial planner to bring efficiency to processes that can be overwhelming. 

Reach out today to learn more.

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Who is Amber?

Hi. I'm Amber Holcombe, a licensed REALTOR® and Certified Probate Expert.  As you can guess, probate real estate is my specialty. 

I am an Estate Transition Specialist concerned about the condition of your estate should something happen to you, and bringing peace to families during stressful estate transitions gives me great satisfaction - even if there is no real estate.
Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, I spent 15 years in financial planning operations and asset management and saw firsthand how difficult these transitions can be. There are so many pitfalls that can be avoided with proper planning, documentation, and guidance.

What bottle neck are you facing with your real estate goals? Whether it's probate related or not, let's talk.


HES offers a range of estate solutions to help you through whatever estate transition you are facing.

Real Estate Sales

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Navigating the Real Estate Market

Planning & Organization

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Getting Your "House" in Order

Professional Services

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Turning Probate Mountains into Molehills

Amber's Podcast: Connecting Cherokee

I enjoy building relationships by leading with value. One of the ways I do that is through interviewing and highlighting local people and businesses I find interesting or helpful.

Do you know someone who should be interviewed? Let me know!

Success Stories

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"5 Stars without hesitation. If 6 were an option she would rate that. And so on. Amber entered our lives at a very difficult and highly emotional time, and we feel blessed that we found her. Caring, understanding, suggesting, giving comfort, making herself constantly available; all that enhanced by the professionalism and preparedness she has equipped herself with in her long experience. A task that was initially daunting and almost unbearable became, in time, with her guidance, manageable, as a step by step process. Amber's help and advice went way beyond the normal scope of a real estate transaction, and most important of all, she did things we didn't know needed to be done and had answers before we knew what questions to ask. We consider her not just a professional acquaintance but also a friend."

Carl & Jill B.

Help is within reach.

Probate services range from low cost DIY to full-service hands-on assistance.

Real estate guidance for both buyers and sellers. Extra services provided for those clients experiencing difficult estate transitions like divorce and death.

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Thanks for reaching out!

Amber will be in touch soon.


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